Patrick I am a Parisian, although I come from a Breton family (from the Côtes d'Armor). I have been passionate about my city for several years and I like to share it. I have this need to share, maybe it is the logical consequence of being a father and a teacher in higher education. During the first part of my life I travelled the world, I loved it and I am grateful to all those friends who made me discover their country. Now I am giving back by showing my city. I love history, so you won't escape a historical context of your visit. I love architecture, so I will introduce you to our monuments and architectural styles. I love art, so let's find it wherever it is, in museums, but also in the street. I love our gastronomy and our art of living, so I will show you all my good addresses. What I want is for you to have fun and for me to see a big smile on your face at the end of our visit. The pleasure, certainly, of having learned, but learned in a good mood.