Who we are ?

TRAVEL ME opens up new and exceptional horizons by offering a tailor-made and unique travel experience. Now everyone can experience a unique break without moving from their sofa.
Travel Me Guides and Team
TRAVEL ME is an online platform, which creates a private travel experience, remotely, in the streets of Paris and France. Our ambition is to highlight our heritage and share the French art of living. Emotions, elegance, and authenticity are at the heart of the getaways which are offered.

We support foreign or French customers who adore inspired trips. While being comfortably settled at home, they can discover the capital, culture, know-how and French heritage.

The charm, richness and authenticity of the experiences offered are based on the rigor and requirement of our certified guides. We only have one goal, to offer our customers an enthralling, vibrant and unforgettable moment.


Accompanied by a Personal Traveler, an official certified guide. With a mastered livestreaming technology to experience in real time, from home and just for yourself, a travel experience in the streets of Paris or while discovering the French heritage.

Who ?

Carried away by a whirlwind of freedom.

Paris, 2020. In the midst of a pandemic, Sandra Giacomoni realized how important it is to remain in touch, to be open to the world and to continue traveling, regardless how one does it! But how can we do so, given the context? Sandra yearned for freedom, discovering unusual spots, making new trips, meeting the entire world. This is how the idea came into being, Sandra will make you get away from home! After an experience in the digital and luxury realm, she decided to combine the two and create the first digital travel platform in Paris. One aim: offer an authentic and tailor-made travel experience, to offer a sustainable and complementary alternative to classic tourist travel.
Keeping this in mind, Sandra joined forces with Nathalie Orban (traveler, digital and Parisian expert who is curious and passionate), to develop Travel Me. They work as partners with a group of professional guides to position exchange and the authenticity at the core of this project.


“Make sure your painting is always open to the world” Leonardo DeVinci

I sincerely believe that going out and meeting others, discovering cultures, forging ties, make us the human beings we are today. Lack of time, ecological choices, financial constraints...no reason is good enough to restrain the desire for openness and discovery, even if it’s only for a little while.

Our commitments at Travel Me



Discover Paris, the French heritage, and the art of living in an authentic manner. Get accompanied by professional guides who live on site on a daily basis, access typical and confidential spots, meet artisans and artists at the heart of their lives.



Each travel experience explores French heritage with a certain perspective. An original mosaic that combines the magic of the moment, the desires of a client, the personality of a Personal Traveler and surprising encounters during the trip, in real time.



Respect one’s client, his impulse to discover. Moreover, respect local lifestyles and requirements. At Travel Me, each trip contributes to the livelihood of an entire local community.


Access, simplicity

Through just a few clicks, you can easily and simply access a new way of traveling. Experience a unique moment for yourself, recharge your batteries internally, while being open to others. Discover naturally, easily, a know-how, a culture, a history.