Live at home

Travel in real time to the heart of Paris,
without moving an inch from your sofa.
A private enchanting visit,
a delight for your eyes!

Discover unique places

A romantic stroll, an encounter with a craftsman, a mind-blowing view of the Seine..., discover the Parisian art of living from home.

You’ll be taking your trip, along with one of our Personal Travelers, who is an official and passionate Parisian guide.
This shall take place remotely and in real time, due through a mastered live streaming technology, you’re in for an immersion. Charming Parisian streets, fortuitous and inspiring encounters, all for you. Discover the French heritage and its wonderful beauty.

Senior and Health

As a direct response to the isolation of people with reduced mobility, Travel Me offers an innovative activity of prevention and stimulation of social links for retirement homes, specialised clinics, hospitals and other institutions for people with reduced mobility.


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Our ambition is to help as many people as possible (re)discover our heritage and share our culture, especially those who are isolated. Emotion, interaction and authenticity are at the heart of the proposed escape.


How does it work ?

Choose the instant you want to experience or offer and book your private getaway. When the time comes, your Personal Traveler will get in touch with you directly by email via a link that you’ll need to click on. You will then be able to see, hear and speak as if you were there, thorough your computer. An exceptional moment, which is only reserved for you or your loved ones.


What can you do ?

You ask your Personal Traveler questions, have a chat with artisans, artists or passers-by or the people you come across, you walk in exceptional places. You experience a tailor-made Parisian getaway, through the streets of the capital, immersed in a bewitching atmosphere.


Who are our Personal Travelers ?

All our Personal Travelers are professional guides certified by the French Ministry of Tourism and Culture; they speak English fluently. Beyond their knowledge of history and art history, they talk to you about the art of living and know-how, not to mention, awaken your senses through the French gastronomy. They turn your getaway into an exceptional, personal and enriching moment.

Vos Personal travelers

Your Personal travelers